Fishing Law

Lei nº 2097, de 6 de Junho de 1959

This is the basic law that applies to fishing in freshwater in Portugal, either in public or private waters. This law has been updated and incorporates all the changes inserted by the Lei n.º 30/2006, de 11 de Julho.

Decreto nº 44623, de 10 de Outubro de 1962

Establishes the basic aspects that apply to fishing in freshwater in Portugal.  Includes the changes inserted by Decreto n.º 312/70, de 6 de Julho e pela Lei n.º 30/2006, de 11 de Julho.

Decreto nº 8/2008, de 9 de Abril

The Decreto 8/2008, de 9 de Abril, regulates fishing in the international area of River Minho.

Fishing law in Portugal
Trout fishing season calendar Portugal

Exceptions to the normal trout fishing season.

Portarias nº 251/2000 e nº 462/2001

This law defines the concept of salmo water in Portugal. Very important.

Salmo waters law Portugal
Private fishing areas trout Portugal







Vila Real


Castelo Branco

Viana do Castelo



Decreto nº 30/88, de 8 de Setembro

The Decreto n.º 30/88, de 8 de Setembro, establishes all regulations that condition fishing in the international areas of rivers between Portugal and Spain. River Minho and River Guadiana are not included in this law. They have specific laws.

Creation of private fishing areas

Requirements and conditions.


Conditions, prices and instructions to buy the fishing license in ATM’s
Autoridade Florestal Nacional

For more information on all laws and regulations that apply to fishing in Portugal.

River Cabreiro

River Labruja

River Trovela

River Vez

Ermal Dam

River Baceiro

River Tâmega

River Tuela

Serra da Estrela

River Vade

River Ferreira



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